We are Photogravure Paklayan Printing Press.

In 1973, two brothers Krikor and Baret Paklayan founded Photogravure Paklayan, a pre-press company in Debbas that moved later on to Dekwaneh.
For 35 consecutive years, the company provided best quality and services, thus building the trust of its customers. Over the years, while continuously expanding their field of work, Krikor and Baret participated in many workshops and followed specialized curricula in Belgium and Germany to master their savoir-faire and keep up to date with the printing industry’s constant and challenging evolution.
In 2004, Krikor's sons, Saro and Garo, attended the “Print Management Executives Program” at Bergische Universitat, Wuppertal, Germany.
During their training, and thanks to their constant active implication in their family’s business, they’ve acquired the skills that allowed them to be key players in the foundation of Paklayan Printing House in 2005.
Conveniently located in Fanar, the Paklayan Printing House’s aim is to provide great quality printing products and services to their customers, for a maximal satisfaction.